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Practicing Letters with Doodle Buddy
Early Literacy- "Writes" name on paper; letters may or may not be readily identified by others; letters may or may not be from left to right or in a straight line

LaShona Taylor
Missing Letters - Kindergarten
Students will identify missing letters in the alphabet, and inwords. Students will also identify missing words in sentences.

Language Arts Center- Gr K-3
GLE 0101.1.1 Demonstrate control of basic Standard English usage, mechanics, spelling,
and sentence structure. (K-2)
SPI 0301.1.1 Identify the correct use of nouns (i.e., as subjects, singular and plural) within context. (Gr. 3)

LaShona Taylor
Grammar Review -
1st Grade
Students will review parts of a sentence including nouns and verbs. ESL students will practice sight words.

Nouns Lesson -
2nd Grade
The students will practice identifying nouns in a variety ofsentences.

Adjectives Lesson -
2nd or 3rd Grade
The students will define adjective and identify adjectives found in sentences. They will then create a story using some of the adjectives that were
identified during the activity.

Janie York
Synonyms/Antonyms Lesson -
3rd Grade
Students will practice identifying and using synonyms and antonyms.

Identifying Verbs-
3rd Grade
SPI 0301.1.2 Identify the correct use of verbs (i.e. present, past, and future tense) within

Janie York
Writing Sentences -
4th Grade
Students will find antonyms and synonyms and use a thesaurus to create descriptive sentences.

Identifying Adjectives
4th Grade
SPI 0401.1.3 Identify the correct use of adjectives (i.e., comparison forms and articles) and adverbs (i.e., comparison forms and negatives) within context.

Janie York
Mad Libs- 4th Grade
SPI 0401.1.1 Identify the correct use of nouns (i.e., common and proper, plurals, possessives)and pronouns (i.e., subject, object, and agreement) within context.

LaShona Taylor


Math Center- K-3
GLE 0006.2.4 Understand addition as “putting together” and subtraction as “breaking apart.” (K)
GLE 0106.2.3 Develop strategies for learning basic addition facts and related subtraction facts. (Gr. 1)
GLE 0206.2.3 Use efficient and accurate strategies to develop fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction. (Gr.2)

LaShona Taylor
Counting Coins -
1st Grade
Students will count the value of a set of coins up to fifty cents.

Addition Facts-
1st Grade
0106.2.7 Develop fluency with addition and subtraction facts of sums through ten.

Janie York
Counting Coins -
1st or 2nd Grade
Students will practice counting coins including pennies,nickels, and dimes.

Fraction Lesson -
3rd Grade
Students will name fractions in various contexts that are less than, equal to, or greater than one.

Time Lesson -
3rd Grade
Students will practice telling time using both digital and analog clocks.

Greater Than or Less Than -
3rd Grade
The student will correctly use < and > symbols to identify greater than and lesser than number pairs.

Mean, Median, and Mode - Grade 4
Mathematics > Performance Indicators State > SPI 0406.5.3 - Given a set of data or a graph, describe the distribution of the data using median, range, or mode.

Janie York
Multi-Step Problems -
5th Grade
Students will practice solving multi-step problems using whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions
5th Grade
SPI 0506.2.5 Solve addition and subtraction problems involving both fractions and decimals.

Janie York


Weather- Gr. 1
GLE 0107.8.1 Gather and interpret daily weather data.

LaShona Taylor
Space -
5th Grade
Students will gather facts about the 8 planets.

Life Cycle-
3rd Grade
SPI 0307.4.1 Select an illustration that shows how an organism changes as it develops.

Janie York


U.S. Symbols -
2nd Grade
Students will gather information, record data, and summarize what they have
learned by explaining the meaning of selected patriotic symbols of the U.S.

History Detectives
3rd-5th Grade
SPI 3.1.01 Understand the diversity of human cultures. (Gr 3)
SPI 4.5.05 Understand the place of historical events in the context of past, present and future. (Gr. 4)
SPI 5.0.03 Recognize the contributions of individuals and people of various ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic groups to the development of civilizations. (Gr. 5)

LaShona Taylor
Germany Lesson -
4th Grade
Students will use technological resources to research information to be included in a graphic organizer.

Famous Tennesseans -
4th Grade
Students will recognize the accomplishments of some of Tennessee’s major political leaders.

U.S. States
5th Grade
5.3.spi.6. locate the 50 states using a map with each state outlined.

Janie York


What's in Your Lunch?-
5.1 use the “My Pyramid” as a guide for choosing a variety of foods necessary for good health.

Angi Beau-Karthik